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Our Story


Our Story 

In 2012, Jermale Eddie was introduced to the practice of juicing after watching a documentary recommended by a friend. He sought out more information and was amazed to learn the immense nutritional benefits associated with juicing. Jermale bought a juicer and began juicing regularly at home for himself and his family. He was glad to discover that in addition to the significant health benefits that juicing provides, the fresh juices are also delicious. This was proven by the ultimate test when his (then) 3-year-old son tried the juice and wanted more. Jermale enjoyed trying new juice and smoothie recipes and educating himself on the specific nutrients found in various fruits and vegetables. He often talked to friends and family about his new journey with juicing.



He discovered that people were very interested in learning more and many of those he shared with were inspired to start their own juicing journeys. He also encouraged a friend to try juicing to reset his metabolism and shed some pounds. The friend agreed to try a juice fast for 15 days, but after seeing the results, he continued for a full 60 days and lost 55 pounds. While being monitored by a family doctor, he was also able to discontinue two medications. Jermale’s wife, Anissa, first raised the idea of starting a juice bar in Grand Rapids, and the vision for Malamiah Juice Bar was born. “Malamiah” is a combination of the names of their two sons– Malachi and Nehemiah. It is their hope that this business can be part of the legacy they pass on to their children.



Our Vision

Our vision is to use fresh fruits and vegetables (locally grown as much as possible) to create healthy juices and smoothies that are both delicious and packed with nutrition. These beverages allow customers to consume beneficial nutrients in a concentrated form which positively impacts their health.


We also seek to promote health awareness by providing educational workshops and presentations to the community. These presentations focus on sharing information about the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption through juice and smoothies while also providing manageable steps to gradually introduce healthy habits into personal lifestyles. Our health presentations and product menu are specifically aimed to entice and target the African American community and intentionally address health disparities within communities of color. However, the products and presentations are by no means exclusively offered to any one group or demographic. We also consider affordable product pricing to be highly important so that the juices, smoothies and other items sold are accessible to a wide range of consumers regardless of socioeconomic status.



Our Mission

Promote holistic health and community wellness by providing fresh juice and smoothie products along with health education and youth employment opportunities”


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